hey!! I'm nessy!

- Scratch 3D Artist
- Content Creator
- ur fave blonde

Commissions Terms

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Information:ALL HAIR will be 2D mesh with Cici/Wetcat UV map!
♡ Must have blender knowledge, I will not put on hair for you.
♡ 3+ Refrences of the Front, Side and Back must be provided.
♡ 100% payment is required to start.
♡ Hair will be named after commissioner, unless requested otherwise.
♡ Wips WILL be posted in Nescord.
ALL HAIR will be eventually sold on www.Nessy.Store at a cheaper price.
Commissioned Hair will have the same Terms of Service as all of nessy.store.
Yes & No's:
✔ - Simple/Stylized, aligns with my style hairs!
✔ - Bows, Attachments, etc.
✘- Extremely messy hair!
✘ - Copying from someone else.

Timeline:Work days are Monday - Friday 1pm to 6pm.
♡ I will not update/fix any hair after you have received final product.
♡ Delivery time is between 3-4 weeks after payment, please understand life happens!
Commissioned hair will be on my store 14 days after you have received your product, release date will be attached to invoice. Date extensions are not allowed to keep timelines on track.

Flat rate is 100$+ and goes up depending on detail/length.

REQUIRED must read ENTIRE PAGE!After reading please open a #support ticket in Nescord to start Consultation,
please check discord.gg/Nescord for current commission status.

Nescord LLC Terms of Service 2024

Section 1. Information:
Any item sold by Nessy! is required to be credited and hyper linked.
Example: "Long Hair by Nessy!"

Section 2. Nescord LLC Terms:
2.1 ✔ Assets made by Nescord LLC may be used on COMPLETE models for Commercial, Free, Public, Nitro.
2.2 ✔ Assets and models made by Nescord LLC can be used for VTubing with proper credit.2.3 ✔ ALL meshes made by Nescord LLC are for VRCHAT ONLY.2.4 ✔ Editing any product from Nescord LLC is fine as long as it is still credited as (product name) BY NESSY!, even if heavily edited.Section 3. No List :
3.1 ✘ DO NOT Sell/Re-selling Nescord LLC assets/models by itself/claiming as your work is prohibited. Anything purchased from Nescord LLC MUST be on a *Complete Model
3.2 ✘ DO NOT Asset Farm from purchased models OR models made by Nescord LLC is prohibited.
- Editing any product from Nescord LLC is fine as long as it is still credited as (product name) BY NESSY!, even if heavily edited.
3.3 ✘ DO NOT Share any product by Nescord LLC to friends/leaking/trading/price splitting.

Section 4. PAYHIP ONLY Refund Policy :Due to the nature of digital goods, we offer a limited refund policy. This means that we will not offer refunds once you have downloaded the digital product.To be eligible for a refund :
4.1 ♡ Product must have not been downloaded.
4.2 ♡ Provide reasoning for refund and have followed all terms of service protocols.
To request a refund please email me directly at [email protected]
or open a discord support ticket
REMINDER you are not guaranteed a refund
by submitting a request especially if not meeting eligibility terms.
Response times are Monday through Friday!

Section 5. Questions, Reaching out :
Do you have a business opportunity/promotion you'd like to contact Nessy about?
Contact me directly via. support ticket, social media (instagram, twitter),
OR PREFERABLY through my email ! [email protected]
Thank you!